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I provide workshops that blend the magic of Storytelling with the practicality of Design Thinking to create solutions that not only solve problems but also lead to better user experiences. 

My Workshops and Training sessions focus on the following areas:

1. Team Building and Problem Solving

I focus on empathy, collaboration, and knowledge sharing to bring teams together and sharpen their problem-solving skills through role-play and scenario-based training.

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2. Storytelling

I harness the power of storytelling to develop confident speaking skills and effective communication. Participants learn to engage and inspire their audience, fostering confidence and connection in their presentations.

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3. Compliance Training

I develop and conduct training sessions to ensure employees understand and comply with company policies, legal regulations, and industry standards etc.

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4. Change Management Support

I assist in managing transitions by creating and implementing change management strategies, including training programs and communication plans.

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5. Instructional Design and Visual Learning

I create effective and engaging learning materials, including manuals, guides, infographics, and interactive presentations. I help present information visually to make learning more engaging and memorable.

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6. Soft Skills Training

I offer training in essential soft skills such as communication, conflict resolution, time management, critical thinking and customer service etc.

and much more...


Learn about others and find understanding and empathy for them and their situations

Create and sustain a company culture

Highlight a solution to a need with "outside-the-box" thinking

Allows leaders to communicate their vision and values in ways that resonate with their audience

Connect with your audience in a way that leads to a higher sense of brand loyalty

Helps bring people together, build relationships, connect teams, inspire, and so much more

How it works


Understanding your Needs

In this initial step, I take the time to understand your unique challenges and goals. Through in-depth discussions and assessments, I identify the key areas where storytelling can make the most impact for your team, brand, or project. This ensures my workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.


Setting Workshop Goals

Together, we define clear and achievable goals for the workshop. I collaborate closely with you to understand your desired outcomes and expectations. Whether it's enhancing team collaboration, refining branding strategies, or improving user experiences, I ensure that the workshop objectives align perfectly with your vision and aspirations.


Workshop Details

Next, we discuss the specifics of the workshop, including its duration and format. I work with you to determine the optimal workshop length and structure based on your schedule and preferences. Whether it's a half-day intensive session or a series of workshops spread out over weeks, I tailor the format to best suit your needs and ensure maximum impact.


Get a Quote

I offer transparent and competitive rates customized to your workshop needs. Additionally, special rates are available for women-led businesses and those from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds.

Embark on a journey with me, where creativity thrives, innovation ignites, and compelling narratives become the driving force behind unforgettable user interactions and lasting success.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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