Voxy e-learning games
Voxy hero.png


I worked on various e-learning content for Voxy, which is an online English-learning platform. Examples include:


  • interactive videos,

  • games,

  • quizzes (multiple choice, fill-in-the blank etc.)

  • hotspot tagging,

  • audio transcribing etc.

Software: Cassius authoring tool


Voxy is a web-based e-learning platform that provides personalized curriculum for learners all over the word that want to improve their English skills. This is such a great company and I really loved working with them. What makes them different from other learning sites is that they really take care of using customized, authentic content that appeals to every user. This makes the learners more engaged and provides for a richer learning experience. Their use of interactive videos and games also makes learning fun! My role was to process and provide authentic content for curriuclum integration, audio recording, video transcribing and gaming content. I performed quality assessing and testing content before live publishing to online platforms.