Smartboard Vocabulary Game
Vocab game hero.png


This is a touch-activated vocabulary matching game that enables learners to build their English vocabulary range in the classroom.

This is one of several interactive activities I designed for Saudi learners at King Saud University in Riyadh.

Software: SMART Notebook, classroom smart board

The aim was to create a collaborative and fun learning experience that applied a blended learning approach. The game took place in the classroom with a smart board. Learners worked together in groups to match the new vocabulary to the pictures. They were given extra material which had the vocabulary words in an article and the students worked together to try and find the meaning of the words based on the context in which they were used. After some time each student was asked to match the words by interacting with the smart board and get feedback from the class.

Feedback: the activity was received well. Had the learners only had the traditional learning material to rely on they would have lost interest pretty quickly. Introducing interactive technology into the lesson prevented this and resulted in a more engaged learning experience. They responded favourably to the following:

use of visuals

collaborative learning

interaction with smart board

competitive gaming element

new vocabulary learnt and retained