Perfect  Properties

A responsive web app that provides property buyers with information on properties of interest. Designed primarily for new, small-scale property buyers who are looking to invest for additional income or financial security.​ Perfect Properties provides reliable, uncomplicated information about potential property investments. 

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My Role

UX/UI Designer, 

  • User flow

  • Sketches 

  • Wireframing

  • Testing & iterations

  • Visual Design


Rashida needs quick access to descriptive property listings because she wants to make informed decisions on buying property that will give her and her family financial security. We will know this to be true when we see Rashida using our app to set up property buying criteria, search for properties and contact our agents for viewings.

Proposed Features

  • A profile page to set up and save buying criteria

  • An auto-search and filtering feature that will enable the user to find specific property listings quickly.

  • A 'like' feature to save favourite listings 

  • Comprehensive information provided with each listing, i.e, description of the property, visual imagery,  a map view to show location and surrounding amenities and data to help the user make informed decisions about mortgage plans etc.

  • Agent profile page and contact features that will enable the user to reach out to the right people to schedule a viewing etc.

  • A matching feature that will show the user how well a property listing matches to their buying criteria. (e.g. 90% Match)

For a detailed looking into the  User research and design decisions I made, please check out the full case study.


Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 12.18.40

Visual Design

Mood board


quick, on-the-go, warm, secure, reliable, friendly

Warm tones paired with a vibrant orange pop colour. Shades of blues and brown used to create feelings of stability and investment. Paired with vibrant orange which is warm, friendly and grabs attention for people who are on-the-go and need to make quick decisions.

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Style Guide

Style guide,page 1 - PP.png
Style guide, page 2 -PP.png

Designing for different breakpoints

breakpoint - results page.png


PP 1.png
PP 3.png
PP 4.png
PP 2.png

Project Insights

What went well?

  • Applying an iterative approach, I believe I was successfully able to to create solid design solutions that met the brief.

  • Applying UI patterns from user-centered approach ensured that functionality of the app was achieved and overall user experience was improved.

  • The mockups look polished and the app is ready for handover.


What could be improved?

Paying more attention to small layout details early on in the process that could have saved time in the end.