A native mobile app concept to share ideas related to the Quality of Life Program and its aspirations (as part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 project). A collaborative ideas-sharing platform that gives the public a means to express their ideas and to vote on popular opinions.

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My Role

UX/UI Designer, Researcher


  • Define the challenge

  • Empathize with the user

  • Personas & Journey Mapping

  • IA and wire-framing

  • Clickable prototype


I came up with the concept of ONE SAUDIA to create a kind of 'Saudi identity', not only for the locals but also to unite residents and expats living in one kingdom. The Quality of Life program aims to improve the lifestyle of individuals and families and to build a society in which individuals enjoy a balanced lifestyle, by setting up the environment necessary to support and provide new options that enhance the participation of citizens and residents in cultural, entertainment and sports activities.

"Liveability” and “Lifestyle” are two key attributes of measuring the Quality of Life.

With the help of the app, QoL program team wishes to empower citizens and residents to be part of the transformation by being able to share and collaborate on ideas that will help the country achieve the vision.

What went well?

• summarising bulk information into smaller, understandable chunks

• using gamification to make voting and sharing fun

What didn't go well?

• Not having research data available with real feedback from potential users

• time limit

What can be improved?

• visual design 

• provide a quick way to vote & share ideas

• Provide a way to cancel vote

• provide onboarding

• Iterations after testing

user personas 1.png
user persona 2.png
user flow 1 saudia.png
journey map 1 saudia.png
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wireframes mid-fi 1 saudia.png
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wireframes hi-fi 1 saudia.png
prototype 1 Saudia.png

Prototype created with Invision.