Jeopardy Game Quiz
Jeopardy hero.png


This is an interactive powerpoint game quiz I  used for in-classroom review at Princess Noura University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

This is one of several interactive activities I adapted for Saudi learners at the university.

Software: Microsoft Powerpoint, e-podiums and projector, Moodle LMS

The aim was to create a fun and collaborative learning experience to enable users to review the grammar learnt in the semester to prepare them for the final exams. I applied a blended learning approach and encouraged peer-learning. The learners were divided into groups and competed against each other. The game is based on the popular TV quiz game, "Who wants to be a milliionaire?". It was set up as a trivial-type quiz game divided into different sections of English grammar and vocabulary that they had learnt throughout the semester. One student was assigned at a time from each group to act as the 'game host' and was responsible for interacting with the technology. This role-playing gave each learner a chance to interact with the technology.

Feedback: Saudi learners love an element of competition and are also visual leaners. I found this activity met those needs. They responded favourably to the following:

use of visuals

collaborative learning


interaction with the technology

competitive gaming element

knowledge retention