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Corporate Training, Design Thinking 
& Change Management

Over the years I have provided corporate training and Design thinking workshops to clients and employees who wanted to improve their problem-solving skills.

I also guide companies through change by helping them find their corporate voice, core values and communicating these to their staff through training.

Case Study: Ceraqua

Ceraqua logo.png

Ceraqua is a consulting firm in Riyadh that provides company formation services to foreign investors. Although established 20 years ago, they needed help aligning their business strategy with the current changes in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is changing quickly and in order for companies to stay ahead of these changes they need to adapt themselves accordingly. This is where I come in. With Ceraqua I took the time to look at their story, interview their employees and using this data formulate a new look, strengthen their vision, improve internal policies and communication and nurture a collaborative and harmonious work environment .

2022 - present day

Areas of Focus

Project management, Change Facilitation, Design Strategy Learning & Development & Compliance Training


  • Understand and create the company's vision, core values and business goals

  • Create a code of conduct & Compliance Training 

  • Design visuals for the company: infographics, processes, tips & guidelines

  • Re-branding: new logo design, company profile and general 'look' of the company

  • Web Design & content creation 

  • designing e-learning and training materials 

  • Design Thinking & Training workshops through blended learning

Branding & Logo: Re-design

Ceraqua needed a new look overall. Their logo needed a facelift to show the journey that they've been through. The old logo looked tired and more industrial. To be in trend with the new, vibrant and modern Saudi Arabia it needed a logo that represented them in this way.

The new logo I designed for them is more rounded, so it feels friendly and modern. The client wanted to keep the grey colour, so I inserted the orange to brighten it up a little. The changes are subtle but impactful.

cms logo before.png

Web Design Concept

Surprisingly Ceraqua never had a website, instead their success came from word-of-mouth referrals. This is impressive, however, I felt that with a traffic-generating website they would be able to attract even more clients and gain further success. Market research revealed very similar and generic websites from the company's competitors. I didn't want to give them just another generic website with no soul.


Firstly, I wanted to play on their competitive advantage, which is their long-standing years of experience in the Kingdom and that they were one of first to do this business in KSA. I wanted to showcase that they are pioneers and experts in the filed. 

As for the design, I wanted to focus on natural photography showcasing the beautiful landscapes in Saudi Arabia and how it went from bedouin beginnings to a flourishing metropolitan hub. I played around with lines and shapes taken from desert dunes and incorporated that into the web design to create a kind of movement in the website, to bring it to life. This is still a work in progress, but below you what I have in mind.

ceraqua design bio.png

Defining Ceraqua's Corporate Culture

One of the biggest changes in Saudi Arabia is within the workforce. Since Saudization, more saudis and in particular women, were able to get jobs. This sudden shift created a fragmented work environment and the company's vision got lost in all the changes. So one of my goals was to clearly define Ceraqua's goal and translate it into a Code of Conduct that employees could easily follow. I also created visuals for this to stick up on an information board in the office so it can be viewed by everyone and easily remembered. The aim is to create a unified corporate culture where everyone works for a common goal.

Visual Communication & Infographics

core values copyright.png

Having been an educator in KSA before I know that most Saudis are visual learners and decided it would be beneficial to use infographics and visuals to help define the company's internal processes and policies. 

Benefits to using visuals in the office:

  • helps retain knowledge

  • modern and trendy

  • reinforces a unified corporate culture

  • promotes collaboration


(subject to copyright laws ©Ceraqua LLC 2023)

The samples below show examples of:

  • infographics

  • visual tips & guidelines

  • Training material

  • Assessment interations

  • Scenario-based training

The branding, look and corporate voice is consistent throughout the company.


The same lines and shapes from the new logo are used in the training materials and infographics. Similarly I continued to use natural photography to tie in with the branding style guide.

visuals copyright.png

Work in progress

This project is still in progress. The last phases will include:


  • face-to-face training,

  • Design Thinking workshop

  • Performance Appraisals

  • Retrospective Meetings

Watch this space for more updates.

training bg.png

Do you need a Design Strategist? 

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