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I have a true passion for understanding how people interpret information and 10 years in Saudi Arabia has given me in-depth knowledge of the local culture and community. 

I apply Design Thinking and a user-centered approach to create engaging and memorable user experiences from concept to production, always aiming to align user needs with business goals. Above all, I want to shape the future of knowledge exchange and communication from the 'shoes of the user'.

My professional journey


I have always been a creative person and have found painting, illustrating and the arts a great way to express myself. I also love to keep up with new tech trends and found myself transitioning to graphic design and later into UX design. I found my transition from the classroom into design seemless and I've been able to bring valuable lessons learnt and combine them with my new design skills. But Design is so much more than just visual communication. I love the analytical part about it too and designing solutions from the 'shoes of the user'. I enjoy mapping users' emotional journeys and conducting the research and testing involved. I enjoy all the phases of Design Thinking and how we can adapt and apply them to so many various industries.


During the economic instability in South Africa, jobs were scarce. So I decided to get into teaching as a way to travel abroad and look for better opportunities. But it developed into so much more over the years. I discovered that I really have a knack for understanding how people learn. I especially could relate to non-native speakers having grown up in an immigrant environment myself. During this time I also provided business training to corporations in several countries. But by far, I really enjoyed working on developing critical thinking and academic skills to learners in Saudi Arabia. I also developed engaging and interactive e-learning solutions to the university during the corona period when the education system was moved online.


I have a degree in Business Management and as creative as I am, I am also very business focused. It's uncommon to find a designer who is able to align design with business goals and also provide written content that is engaging and informative. I've often found myself in work positions where i've been asked to help not only to create a company's branding and 'voice' but also to create it's core values, policies, communication channels and to train employees to create a collaborative and friendly company culture using these values. 

saudi arabia

I've spent the majority of my life living as an expat. I've worked and lived in countries like South Africa, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Taiwan and  Saudi Arabia. I am currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and feel privileged to be part  of this dynamic and quickly changing country. 10 years in the Kingdom has given me an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the learning lessons the locals are facing as they work on their cultural and global identity. The Saudi population is mostly young, friendly, extremely supportive and eager for change.  They bring an exciting energy unlike one I've ever experienced elsewhere. This is the time for change and opportunity and I am so proud to be part of this journey.

Want to collaborate with me?  Send me a message.

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Kingdom Creatives

I am a member of Kingdom Creatives, a growing design community that promotes and supports the Saudi creative industry. 

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