ABA Architects

Web design for an architectural company to provide users with more information about the company and a gallery portfolio of their projects.

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January 2021

My Role

Sole UX / UI designer, brand designer

I was responsible in creating a brand for two architects who came together to form a new company.  I was solely responsible to create the content and design the logo, website, company profile etc.


Two architects from different cultural backgrounds and different design fields came together to form a new company together. They asked me to create a brand identity, content and website for their new firm​

Business goals

  • To showcase their projects and advanced skills

  • To get new clients

  • To get provide a way for users to contact them


I wanted to honour the two architects by using dynamic elements and videos in the web design to make it interactive and 'moving' to bring life to the site.  Below is a sample of the video used in the landing page background. 


I included responsive design with intention of designing for mobile first. Below you can see the homepage and menu lightbox feature.

mobile mockups behance.png
ABA responsive design.png


When designing the logo I used strong bold fonts and the letters to relate to the names of the architects. Due to NDA I cannot reveal the full logo. I also played with Arabic letters of the word. Colour choice, I kept it simple with a bold yellow colour for emphasis. This trend can be seen throughout the website and other branding like the company profile.


What went well?

  • It was fun to work with a blank canvas where I had a lot of autonomy to guide the design in the way I wanted.

  • I developed several different mockups that varied completely in style and design and from brainstorming and feedback I was able to offer the concept of a web design that wasn't static and boring but in contrast, 'moved' and engaged the reader.

What didn't go went well?

  • Lots of communication problems between the two architects. They didn't seam to share the same vision of the business and what message they wanted to portray. So, I met with them individually and then together to facilitate a common vision.

  • Ministry laws and regulations slowed down the business setup which delayed the project.

  • Unfortunately due to conflicts of interest the partners closed down the agency and parted ways. Even though the website was pretty much ready it, the project was terminated before the site could be launched.

What did I learn?

The biggest lesson I learnt that I will apply in future, is to design and ask for payment in stages. Also to spend more time in the beginning researching and understanding the vision and goals from both parties before designing.

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